What Does Refer & Earn In Payrup Mean?

Posted onJan 3, 2022

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This is the age of digital technology. Mobile Revolution is going on and people are so addicted to being online that most of our day-to-day operations can now be done online. Many household chores such as electricity bill payments, telephone bill payments, School fees payments, etc, which needed us to go to the physical location and do it are now done with just a swipe of our finger.

Refer & Earnis a term that we have frequently heard in the recent two to four years. What does this exactly mean? Can we earn money by referring friends? Most of the online payment companies, and online shopping companies, use refer & earn programs to get more users while encouraging already existing users by giving them monetary benefits. Refer and Earn is one of the main marketing agendas that almost all digital and online businesses use for promoting their products and services.

What Does Refer & Earn in PayRup Mean?

Payrup is a unique platform that provides payment options for Prepaid, Postpaid, Broadband services, DTH Recharge, Electricity Bill Payments, Landline Bill Payments, Piped Gas, Water Bill Recharge, e-gift cards, etc. We also provide services like credit card payments, housing society maintenance charges, insurance payment charges etc. We also provide fastag recharge services along with municipal tax payments as well as educational institution fee payments.

PayRup, one of the best online payment portals is providing you with a splendid opportunity to earn a small reward for yourself while benefiting your friend also.

Payrup’s Refer & Earn program enables users to invite their family, friends & acquaintances, introducing them to the platform while getting a small reward for themselves.

How does Refer & Earn Work in Payrup?

Each user will be provided with a unique referral URL. Forward it to your friends, family & acquaintances. For each referral who signs up, you will receive Rs.10 of My Rupee Credit in Payrup. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to.

When your friend who joined through the referral completes a transaction worth Rs.100/- within 7 days of the referral date, they also receive a credit of up to Rs 5/- in their My Rupee Credit. These amounts can be redeemed as discounts during any transaction.

Any fraudulent transactions from your account can lead to the deactivation of your account and can be deleted for policy violations.

Downloads done through shared links will only be considered as referrals. Any other joining cannot be considered as a referral from your id. Please make sure to adhere to it.

How to Create an Account in Payrup?

Click on Login. It leads you to https://payrup.com/login

Click on the Option for “Create Account”. It redirects you to https://payrup.com/register

Enter your valid email address or phone number.

The signup form loaded at https://payrup.com/signup-form

Enter a user name and password and then click “ok”.

You are all set to use our platform.

Click on the Refer & Earn button on the top right corner of the home page.

https://payrup.com/refer-earn Page Loads. Here you will be provided with a unique referral URL. Share it with all your friends, family & acquaintances.

Easy as a breeze right!! What are you waiting for? Join Payrup now and start earning by referring.


Use our Refer & Earn facility to make some extra benefits while benefiting others in your community. Spread the word about Payrup and teach others how they can save time and money by making their payments online. Payrup understands the safety concerns people have regarding this system and can assure you that we have taken all precautions to avoid any mishandling of your data. No datas will be outsourced to anyone and your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Does Payrup Provide Refer & Earn Program? Can we earn cash with the Payrup Refer & Earn Program?

Yes, Payrup does provide a Refer & Earn Program. In this program, you can earn cash back by referring friends, relatives & acquaintances. You can benefit from referring and the people who joined through referrals will also get cash back when they do a transaction within the first 7 days of the referral.

Is Refer & Earn of use in today’s time? Why is Payrup promoting Refer & Earn?

Payrup’s main aim is to make people’s lives easier. We understand the importance of time & also realize that people can save time and effort by making most payments online. But even in this age of digitalization and social media, people in rural areas still don’t know how to make use of these facilities. Our main aim is to spread awareness among rural people so that they can make the best out of the facilities we provide. That is where the importance of Refer & Earn lies. We want rural people to make use of this facility and encourage them to be online and benefit from technological advancements.

Is it safe to use online platforms like Payrup to make payments? What if the data of users is compromised?

We at Payrup, value the user experience and user privacy. We use all modern technologies to prevent any leakage of data. We also make sure that our platforms are safe against any type of fraudulent activity.

Want some knowledge if your transaction fails Visit  "What To Do If A Transaction Fails On Payrup?"

Final Thoughts…

Popular bill payment facilities are available on Payrup!

Payrup has a host of facilities that can all be paid online using our platform.

Choose to make payments for mobile prepaid, mobile postpaiddthelectricitylandline bills, piped gas, broadband bills, water bills, e-gift cards purchases, cable tv bills, credit card billshealth insurance purchase, housing society payments, life insurance premium purchases, loan repayments, hospital payments, subscriptions, education feesfastag paymentsLPG gas bills, municipal services and municipal taxes’ payments Payrup has it all covered for our users under one roof. Safe & Secure Platform for All Your Financial Needs!

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