Convenient steps to cancel a FASTag account?

Posted onMar 28, 2022

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With the mandatory installation of FASTag in the windshield of a four-wheeled vehicle by the government of India, it has become very popular. All those with a four Wheeler vehicle know FASTag very well but for those who are new to this or don't know anything about it, it's a digital toll payment system that works on advanced RFID technology, i.e., Radio Frequency technology, processes the payment at the toll booths through the prepaid wallet. This helps in avoiding the long queues at the toll plazas in the country. 

When you start with  FASTag, you need to register with your vehicle number and the owner. And in case you want to sell your vehicle, you need to cancel the linked FASTag, otherwise, the new user may take advantage of it and money will be misused. 

Plus, the new owner will not be able to get a new FASTag as there is already one present, linked to your vehicle. That's why it's very important to cancel your FASTag when you decide to sell your vehicle. That brings us to the main content of this article, which is, Convenient steps to cancel a FASTag account. So, let's get started!

Ways to cancel a FASTag account

People opt for different procedures to move forward with the cancellation of their FASTag account as there are several options available. We have discussed these ways down below, so you can select wisely and move forward with it. These are: 

Through the FASTag-linked payment app: FASTag also comes with a mobile application for your prepaid wallet like Payrup's MyRupee and from there, you can follow the steps to the cancellation. 

Through customer care service: For those with NHAI, FASTag can easily call the NHAI customer care services, address their concerns to them and ask them to initiate the cancellation process of your FASTag account

Through the online FASTag portal: The next is, logging into the online portal of the issuer bank and following the required steps to cancel your FASTag account.

How to cancel your FASTag account using Payrup? 

The steps required to cancel your FASTag account through Payrup are pretty simple and short. All you need to do is: 

  • Visit Payrup: Visit the official website of Payrup and log in with your credentials or your phone number to proceed further. 
  • Go to Help: After logging in, go to the help section of Payrup and open it. 
  • Select issue: Now, select the issue that you are facing in your FASTag account from the given options there. 
  • Raise the request: After this, raise the request for cancelling your FASTag account. And the rest will be done afterwards. 


In an alternative manner, you can cancel your FASTag account through the FASTag section on Payrup. Follow these steps to move forward: 

  • Visit Payrup: Visit the official website of Payrup and log in with your credentials or your phone number to proceed further. 
  • Go to the FASTag icon:  After logging in, you'll find an option to the Manage FASTag icon. Click on it and move forward. 
  • Open Manage FASTag: The next step is, opening the 'Manage FASTag ' section where you can find all the activated FATag accounts which are linked to your mobile number. 
  • Select FASTag account: From there, you need to select the FASTag account that you wish to close and click on 'Close FASTag' option to proceed with the cancellation. 
  • Select reason: Now, select the reason why you are closing your FASTag account. 
  • Confirmation: At last, you need to proceed with the confirmation. Then, your FASTag account will be cancelled or closed.


In conclusion, we can say that cancelling your FASTag account is very simple and needs just a few steps. FASTag is mandatory by the government, and that's why everyone with a four-wheeler vehicle has it. But in some cases, you would want to close your account like when your vehicle is stolen or when you sell it. In such cases, you need to close your FASTag account. And all the different and convenient ways for this process have been discussed in this article. Hope this helps you!

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