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Posted onDec 13, 2021

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Society Maintenance Bill

This is great news for corporate housing society organizations!

India is slowly but remarkably moving to a 100% cashless economy, which is nothing but appreciative, as it can cut down on a lot of factors such as physical money exchange, safety precautions during these covid times and even corruption to a considerable level.

While even small and medium shops have opened options to receive payments via online transfers, so how can our big housing societies stay back, right? Yes, housing societies are big structures where numerous money exchanges go on every month and it is important to consider the importance of having online payment systems aligned for online money transfers in housing co-operative societies as well.

Have a look at what are the advantages of incorporating online payment systems on the housing societies:

  1. Integration of online systems for ease of payments for all its residents
  2. Payment receipts can be obtained without any hassle and can be maintained in members own way
  3. All the details of the transactions are maintained with the users (payers) and therefore there is no chances of any untoward incident of missing any
  4. This process is quite time-saving for both the parties
  5. Transparent transactions happen without any chance of fraudulence from any side where the amount directly goes into the society’s bank account

Here are the simple steps how one can pay for their society bills using Payrup:

  • On the Payrup website, go to the ‘Housing Society’ page
  • Select your desired housing society from the list
  • Enter the details required to do payments. Details such as block number, flat number, and other specific details as required (depending on the society)
  • Enter the amount and go ahead for finishing the payments
  • Click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ to head to the payment section
  • A user can choose to pay from their preferred payment mode such as debit card, credit card, internet banking, MyRupee wallet, wallets, etc.
  • Complete your payment and your bill is paid
  • Find all your transaction details in the ‘My Transactions’ section in your account

Wasn’t that an easier method compared to the time wasted standing your society queues and then paying up? After having a read of the article, what is your opinion in incorporating payment gateways for housing societies? Do you wish your society gets on the Payrup’s online platform for making your payments processes easier!

Final Thoughts…

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