How to pay KVS Fees online at Payrup?

Posted onMay 6, 2022

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Paying the school fee payment by the due date is a hectic job, especially when you are a busy parent as it requires waiting in a queue, depositing through cheque, Challan, Demand Draft, or cash. And as school fee payment is so important for your child's education, you can not even delay it. 

That's why digitization has helped in several ways. Now, you can easily pay your child's school or college fee online through our very own Payrup's official website at the right time. You can make the payment from anywhere you prefer and at any time with all your comfort. 

And those of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan also get the benefits from this because of the centralised system that they have for the online fees payment for all the KVs across the country. The fees submitted by the student are received and collected by the Union Bank of India on quarterly basis. And we're here to help you pay your KVS fee payment, online using Payrup. So, let's get started!

How to pay for KVS fees on Payrup? 

Just follow these steps and your payment for the KVS fee will be done within minutes. Here are the steps: 

Visit Payrup: Visit the official website of Payrup via your laptop or phone. After that, log in to your account details. 

Go to Education Fees: After logging in, click on the "Education Fees" from the payment services listed on Payrup. 

Enter details: Then, enter the required details such as your state and KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya) as the name of the institution for the payment, along with the student-related details as well. 

Complete payment: Now, you'll get several payment modes such as internet banking, credit or debit card, wallets, etc., among which you have to select a credit card. Enter the details and complete your payment. 

After the payment is a transaction, it will be visible on the transaction history in your Payrup account. Also, you'll be receiving the receipt of the KVS fee paid. It will be in the transaction made in your order details. 

In general, it usually takes 2 business days in advance of the deadline date for it to process and be accepted, for education fees, including KVS. It is unlike the other payments on Payrup, which happens immediately.

Dates to consider for KV School Fee Payment Online

We have mentioned a few dates that you need to keep in mind while paying KV school fees online. These are: 

Starting Date of Fee Payment

1st of January, April, July and October 

Last Date of Fee Payment

15th of January, April, July and October 

Last Date for Late Fee

16th to the last date of January, April, July and October 

Why choose Payrup for paying your KVS school fees online? 

Payrup enables a very safe and secure transaction. You can simply pay your KVS fees sitting comfortably at home, hassle-free and at the right time. Plus, you can win several cashbacks and rewards as well. While making the payment of the total fees amount, you can get the chance to check the coupons available on that payment and apply them. This makes your payment experience with Payrup more exciting and beneficial. These coupons help you to get cashback offers and promo codes, to win exciting rewards. It can help you in future transactions as well. 


In conclusion, we can say that paying the KVS fees of your children on Payrup is always beneficial for you. It's a great way for you to pay the school fee payment before the due date. 

While making the payment, it's really important to put all the details correctly otherwise, the payment will fail because of technical failure. It takes 2 business days for the transaction to be complete. Therefore, make sure you make it in advance and not on the due date. Here, at Payrup, you'll get the best plans for your children's fees payment. So, the next time, don't forget to pay education fees on Payrup through a credit card. Stay tuned for more content!


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