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Posted onDec 3, 2021

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Landline Bill Payment

It might sound surprising, but payphones are still around – and people are still using them till date.

Would you like to hear some fun facts about landlines?

Hello, the most common word used to begin a conversation when picking up the phone wasn’t used previously the same way before. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, suggested using “ahoy” when answering the phone during his time. It was actually Thomas Edison who suggested using “hello.”

Today’s blog is all about highlighting the technology of how users can switch to paying telephone bills online. Well, technology is catching up with everything, then why not our oldest means of communication – the telephone.

Let’s take a look at how telephone bill payment has been transformed and how to pay landline bill from mobile or from your laptop on the Payrup platform in simple steps because telephone bill online payment is the new simple way to complete things on the go and in a quick manner.

Learn how to pay your landline bills online in a few easy steps on Payrup.

  1. Login to your account on Payrup
  2. Select your landline operator to proceed to pay the landline online payment
  3. Enter the valid landline number for the right landline payment
  4. Write in the amount as mentioned in the bill (or) you can fetch the bill accordingly
  5. Press the “Proceed to Pay” button once all details are entered correctly
  6.  A user can pay their landline bills on Payrup using internet banking, credit or debit cards, MyRupee wallets, other wallets, etc. as per their convenience.
  7. After, this your landline bill payment is completed and to find the same you can find it in the transactions under your account details

Make quick landline bill payments a reality today only with Payrup.

Many reasons, one agenda as to why pay landline bills online and how can you benefit by doing so?

By paying landline phone bill payments online, every user on Payrup not only saves a lot of time, but makes their lives with utility bill maintenance very easy. Make life extremely easy and convenient on online bill payments moving ahead for your landline recharge.

Not only does it bring convenience, it also helps every user save money. Well, you shall be asking how? Cashbacks, daily offers and coupons on every online landline bill payment eventually helps save money on every transaction.

Concluding thoughts…

Landline - the term actually predated the device as we know it. The word “telephone” was first used in 1828 by a man named Francois Sudre to describe his invention, which was a musical signalling device. Later on, the term was also applied to the phone as we know it today.

Always do check for the promo codes before completing the payment and use them to win cashbacks and discount coupons because all amount saved is all amount earned.

Payrup has a host of facilities that can all be paid online using our platform.

Choose to make payments for mobile prepaid, mobile postpaid, dth, electricity, landline bills, piped gas, broadband bills, water bills, e-gift cards purchases, cable tv bills, credit card bills, health insurance purchases, housing society payments, life insurance premium purchases, loan repayments, hospital payments, subscriptions, education fees, fastag payments, LPG gas bills, municipal services and municipal taxes’ payments Payrup has it all covered for our users under one roof.

Pay landline bills for leading operators such as BSNL, Airtel, MTNL, Tata teleservices, etc.


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