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Posted onMar 4, 2022

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Landline Bill Payment

A landline is a phone that transmits data over a metal wire or optical fiber telephone line, as opposed to a mobile cellular network, which transmits data over radio waves. Landlines were the first mode of telecommunications established in India. As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), there are more than 100 crores of people using landline services in India. Landlines are less complex than mobile phones and are easy to use for adults. 

Landlines are also known as:

  • land-line
  • main line
  • house phone
  • Fixed-line
  • Wireline

How to Pay a Landline Bill Online?

Online payment platforms like Payrup, Paytm, Bhim, etc. have made payment of landline bills easy. It is easy to pay a landline bill online rather than paying it by going to the office.

Landline Service Providers in India

Airtel Landline Services:

Airtel is a telecommunications company founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal. Headquartered in New Delhi, they service 18 countries across Asia and Africa. As per wikipedia, they are the second largest provider of fixed telephone in India. Payrup provides the facility to pay Airtel Landline Bill Online. Airtel is one of the main providers of prepaid, postpaid, broadband and DTH services.

BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) Landline Services:

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), is a telecommunications service provider owned by the Government of India. Launched in the early 1990s, BSNL was the only fixed telephone service in the country. BSNL is the largest provider of landline services in India. BSNL provides two plans for landline- for individuals and for businesses. BSNL also provides prepaid, postpaid, and broadband services in addition to landline services.

MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) Landline Services:

MTNL is a subsidiary of BSNL, currently operating in two metro cities, New Delhi and Mumbai. MTNL also provides fixed line services or landline services in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Tata Teleservices:

Tata Tele Business Services Ltd, earlier known as Tata Tele Services Limited is a Mumbai based telecommunication service provider. Tata Teleservices is a subsidiary of Tata Group. They provide fixed line services mainly in Maharashtra.

Benefits of Paying Landline Bill Online:

There are many benefits to paying the landline bills online. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. Online Portals usually save our details such as service provider and landline number so that you don’t have to type it each month.
  2. Online Portals send you a monthly reminder when it is time to pay your landline bill.
  3. Online Portals like Payrup offer cashback and other discount coupons and offers most of the time. So it is always beneficial to make your landline bill payment online.
  4. Main point for doing online bill payment for landlines is the same as all other payment services. It is easier, convenient and saves time and effort.

Concluding Thoughts:

In conclusion it is safe to say that a large part of our population still uses landline services. So most of the payment platforms in India offer landline bill payment services online. In addition to being easy and convenient, this method offers cash back and discount coupons. This makes landline bill payment online one of the most preferred methods for landline bill payment.


1. What is a landline connection?

A landline connection is also known as fixed line service. Landline service is provided through metal wire or optical fibre. 

2. What will happen if you did not pay your landline bill?

If you did not pay your landline bill, then firstly, the service provider will give you reminders, after which there will be a late fee. If you ignore that also, they will be forced to cut your connection till you make the payment.

3. What will happen if the amount is deducted from my account and landline bill payment fails?

If in case the landline bill payment fails and the amount gets deducted from your account, then the amount will be returned to your account within 24 hours.

4. Is there any method to check landline bills other than checking in Payrup?

You can check your landline bill online on your service provider's website. Other than that, most service providers send paper bills as well as send reminders to you till the payment is made.

Final Thoughts…

Popular bill payment facilities are available on Payrup!

Payrup has a host of facilities that can all be paid online using our platform.

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