Do you think DTH/Cable TV is better than Amazon and Netflix?

Posted onJun 4, 2022

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DTH Services

Who doesn't have heard about the craziness of OTT platforms in just the youth but the oldies as well, which often comes quite surprising to everyone! OTT platforms have literally changed the streaming services and ways. However, the popularity of OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and others has caused drastic downfalls in cable TV such as DTH services. It's not new to anyone about the insane popularity of DTH/cable TV before the expansion of OTT platforms. But now, the subscriber base of DTH/cable services has lowered significantly. This major downfall mainly occurred because of the benefits and the vast content available on OTT platforms. And of course, when you can enjoy the content from all across the world, why limit yourself to the few local channels? This question often occurs in our minds and we all know the answer to this! And just this, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other OTT platforms have a vast collection of global content and a variety of domestic ones that runway faster than DTH services.                          


In addition to this, as the diversity of content attracts the subscribers to OTT platforms, what holds them is the affordable pricing they provide. OTT platforms are way more affordable than DTH/Cable TV services. We have heard a lot about the success and future of these OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon prime, but the actual question is, Can it replace DTH services in upcoming years? And what exactly caused the decline of subscribers of DTH services? That's what we are discussing today! So, let's get started!

DTH Recharge plans                                  

DTH/cable connection mainly offers two different types of dth recharge plans: set-up box and monthly charges. The difference between these two is just the DTH provider. For instance, the DishNXT HD set-top box comes at the price of Rs 1,590, whereas Tata Sky's HD Digital set-up box is quite expensive, starting from Rs 1,699.          

The next is DishTV's Titanium HD bundle comes at the price of Rs 617 with a collection of 285 channels, including Zee, Star Network and Viacom18. Plus, in the addition of the GST, NCF and other fees, the final cost comes to around Rs 729.                   

Then, Airtel  TV's HD box comes at the price of Rs 769 with the collection of 150 channels, plus additional fees of NCF, Activation fees or installation.                          

Moreover, DTH recharge plans include Tata Play and Airtel Digital TV monthly recharge package that includes some of the very prominent channels at the cost of Rs 800, which is the same for Cable/DishTV as well.                        

After this, it has Tata Play Binge Subscriptions that provide the customers with services of Amazon Prime, Sun Nxt, Hotstar and others at the cost of Rs 249 on monthly basis. This also includes a free Amazon FireTV stick along with access to Tata Play's VOD collection which has more than 5,000 programmes and movies.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Pricing


Netflix plans offer three kinds of subscription packages which we have discussed below:

  • Mobile Package: This comes at Rs 149, just for the mobile version. 
  • Basic Package: This comes at Rs 199 and has access to unlimited movies and Shows available on any device at the lowest price. It does not provide HD content and allows only one screen at once. 
  • Standard Package: Two screens are available along with HD quality video at just Rs 499. 
  • Premium Package: This comes at the price of Rs 649 and offers media in ultra HD quality and allows four screens at once.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers three different kinds of subscription packages which includes unlimited free and quick delivery, e-book access, discounts and exclusive deals. It offers numerous shows and movies, Bollywood content, regional content, kids' content, and iconic TV shows as well. 

Its monthly plan comes at Rs 179, then Rs 459 for three months and the annual plan comes at Rs 999.

The reason behind the decline in the DTH subscribers count

With the popularity of OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, a drastic decline in the subscriber count has been seen in DTH/cable connections. As Amazon Netflix India has offered their subscribers tons of benefits such as global content at affordable prices, which can not be said for DTH cable connections

And as per studies and surveys, around 55% of people prefer OTT platforms over DTH services and over 87% like to watch videos on their phones. 

This clearly reflects the downfall of DTH/cable services. However, the government has been discussing whether to regulate the OTT platforms or not.

DTH vs Amazon Netflix Offers 

Whether you prefer DTH set-top box services or an Amazon Netflix subscription, the choice is yours. People do have the misconception that DTH plans and offers would be replaced completely, while it's not true! 

The web is evolving with great speed these days, so the choice for both TRAI and the operators should be based on the requirements of the millennials. With this, it's not wrong for stating that cable tv can run together with the Amazon Netflix subscription.

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