How To Check Fastag Balance & Recharge Online?

Posted onDec 17, 2021

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Being a mandatory option for all sorts of private as well as commercial vehicles, FASTag is incredible with its features. It was developed by the government of India for reducing the traffic caused by vehicles at the toll plazas. They formulated a rule which states that pan India all vehicles which are travelling through a toll plaza must pay toll charges using the payment option of FASTag.  

NHAI wrapped the planning of the Electronic Toll Collection on the Toll Plazas on almost every National Highways which were named-FASTag. 

FASTag has become a mandatory rule for every vehicle regardless of its ownership. And that's why when you're driving through an electronic toll collection facilitated lane on any Highway, you must be prepared with a good sum of money in your wallet. 

With such wide usage of FASTag, people often come across issues of how to check FASTag balance, how to pay for FASTag online, how to get FASTag online for cars, and a few others. In order to fill out your queries regarding any of these questions, we have presented this article. Let's get started!

What is FASTag? 

A device that utilizes the technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for digital toll payments directly from the prepaid account which is linked to it, is called FASTag. 

It is kept on the windscreen of your vehicle and allows you to smoothly drive through the toll plazas. 

In order to get started with FASTag, you need to purchase it with a validity duration of five years. In these five years, you just have to recharge or top up the FASTag according to your requirements. 

As we got the basic idea of what is FASTag and how it works, it's time to know how to check the FASTag balance or in simple words, how to know FASTag balance.

How to check the FASTag balance? 

On a brief note, there are several online as well as offline ways by which you can easily check your FASTag balance, these are: 

Online Methods 

From the official portal of FASTag

  • The first and foremost step with the online method is logging in to your FASTag account, through your credentials and by visiting the official portal of your FASTag issuer. 
  • Once you're logged in, you will find the option of how to check your FASTag balance. 

However, for checking your deductions, you can see your FASTag account statement as well. 

Download mobile app

  • The other way to check your FASTag balance is using the mobile application of FASTag. You just have to download the mobile application linked to your NHAI prepaid wallet. You can download it from Google Play Store or App Store. 
  • As you've installed the application, log in to your FASTag account using credentials and check your balance.

Offline Methods 

Through SMS

  • Many people find online methods on how to check FASTag balance a little complicated. That's why there are several offline methods as well on how to know your  FASTag balance such as through SMS. 
  • Your phone will receive an SMS every time you pay via FASTag wallet. So, whenever you want to check the balance, search for the latest SMS and it will show you your current balance. 

Customer care call

  •  If you are a user of NHAI FASTag, you can easily get the toll-free number of FASTag customer care which offers service 24×7.
  • When you call customer care, your mobile number will be registered and you'll receive a notification that would contain your current FASTag balance. 

Through Email notification

  • The next method on how to check your FASTag balance is through email notification. When you receive the SMS update on your current FASTag balance, you will also receive an email notification. So, if you are facing trouble in finding the SMS, just look for the email. You'll know your FASTag balance.

How to recharge FASTag online? 

Recharging your FASTag wallet is pretty easy. You can easily recharge it through Paytm, anytime. 

As you are well familiar with the fact that FASTag functions on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which smoothens the toll tax deductions from your FASTag account when you pass by a FASTag toll lane. 

As we have covered how to recharge your FASTag account in the above paragraph, it's time to know how this recharge works!

So, basically, when you recharge FASTag, the amount automatically adds up in your FASTag account and it gets deducted whenever you pass by any FASTag toll lines.

How to get FASTag online for a Car? 

In order to get FASTag online for your car, you need to apply for FASTag through your bank or any digital payment app. There you have to upload your car registration number and the ID proofs of the car owner online. As you've succeeded with the payment, your FASTag will be delivered to your verified address. 

The steps on how to get FASTag online for cars are pretty easy and as you receive the tag. You need to stick the tag from the inside on the windshield of your car. You need to stick it on the centre of the windshield behind the rearview mirror inside.

Why choose Payrup for FASTag Transactions? 

There are plenty of options available in the digital payment apps for FASTag payments, so why should you choose Payrup? The answer to this is very simple! 

Payrup offers the guarantee of 100% security of your FASTag transactions. Not just this, it provides the best class security services for your payments. Also, there are several discounts, cashback offers on each of your FASTag payments. 

Being an emerging digital payment, Payrup offers great benefits and services on every transaction along with complete security.

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