Why are Airtel postpaid plans costlier than prepaid recharges?

Posted onAug 3, 2022

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There has always been a picky question of which one is costlier: Postpaid or Prepaid plans? Every individual with an Airtel recharge plan often wonders whether they have made the right choice or not! For example, if you have chosen an airtel postpaid plan, you compare it with an airtel prepaid plan and check whether yours is cheaper or not.  Now, to know which one is better preferred for you, there are multiple points that you need to consider. 

 However, most people find postpaid costlier in comparison to prepaid connections. And it often becomes true as well in many cases. But the real question here is if an airtel postpaid plan is costlier than an airtel prepaid plan, then how? And that's what we are discussing in this article. So, let's get started! 

Why do Airtel postpaid plans seem costlier than airtel prepaid plans? 

The biggest reason why the airtel postpaid plan seems more expensive is that, in an airtel prepaid plan, you get the same services as the airtel postpaid at lower rates. And unlike airtel postpaid plans, it doesn't charge any GST on the airtel recharge payment. This additional cost of GST on the postpaid bill increases the overall rate of this connection. 

Along with these two, there are some more points that contribute to the increased postpaid plan. These are: 

Receiving increased bill 

Receiving an increased bill is very common with airtel postpaid users. This often comes out as a shock as they choose a significantly lower postpaid plan, but when the bill arrives, it is usually higher. This increased bill happens because of the addition of roaming charges (when you're away from your city) and more internet usage than the usual postpaid plan's data limit. 

No spending limit 

With airtel postpaid plans, you don't get any spending limits which means you won't get any reminders of usage limits and the service will continue even after exceeding the plan's limit. Although it doesn't feel that much while using a postpaid connection, there's a high percentage chance that you'll overspend. 

And if this happens, you get a much higher bill than expected. And when this happens frequently, you'll build the impression of postpaid as costlier than the prepaid connection. 

Using Different postpaid plans 

Usually, when the user changes or uses a different postpaid plan, they get a high bill amount. This happens because of pro-rata billing.

Which is more effective- prepaid or postpaid? 

Do users often wonder which one is more effective - airtel prepaid plan or postpaid plan

To understand this you need to consider what your requirements are and also, what is your financial condition in the current situation. Besides, you need to have a brief knowledge of both the plans and what perks come with each. 

When you are shifting from prepaid to postpaid or postpaid to prepaid, you need to understand what's more advantageous for you, like for example, what would you choose better customer and network content or flexibility or recharging plans? 

For a long-term plan and connection, postpaid plans are best for you but for recharging for a short period with fixed calls and texts, then prepaid is the right choice for you. 

Which one to prefer: Postpaid or Prepaid? 

The most important before deciding which one to prefer among postpaid and prepaid plans are your internet requirement and current and future financial situation. Along with this, you have to analyze what is important for you: Better customer and network coverage or high flexibility in your airtel recharge plan. 

Mainly for long-term connections, choosing a postpaid connection is a wise choice. On the other hand, for a short duration, choosing a prepaid recharge plan is preferred.

How to make an Airtel Payment Online through Payrup? 

Airtel postpaid recharge plans bring you great benefits of unlimited texting, calling, chatting, and scrolling through the Internet. With Payrup, you can easily make the airtel postpaid bill payment from anywhere at any hour. These are the steps to get started: 

  • Open Payrup and go to the recharge section. Then enter your airtel number. 
  • Now, enter the amount of your new airtel recharge plan that you have to pay. 
  • Select any of the given airtel offers and promo codes to gain cashback and great deals. 
  • Then, enter the mode of payment and proceed with it. 

After these steps, your transaction is done. You will receive an auto-update about it on your registered email address or mobile number. Payrup offers these payment services 24/7 and the transactions are absolutely safe to proceed with.


Choosing prepaid or postpaid plans entirely depend on the users based on their financial planning and requirements. For instance, various prepaid users prefer expensive plans that would meet their requirements in comparison to postpaid plans. And often, the final expenditure of prepaid plans becomes higher than that of postpaid. So, this varies most of the time. It's totally up to you for whichever plan you prefer for whatever reason you like. 

Final Thoughts…

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