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Posted onFeb 25, 2022

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The COVID-19 epidemic caused a new series of developments on a global scale. From how we used to work to how we used to spend, study, earn, and so on, everything has changed tremendously. The majority of things have moved from the physical to the virtual world, including schooling.

Everything changed in the field of education, schooling and even the method of paying college tuition. Payrup provides an option to pay school and college fees online. This has reduced a lot of effort on parent’s side as they don’t have to go to school and wait to pay their kids fees.

How to Pay School & College Fees Online Using Payrup

  1. Go to
  2. Click on More, then click on Education Fees
  3. This opens up
  4. Select State
  5. Select Institute name
  6. After this in the pop-up enter the following information
  7. Enter student unique id
  8. Mobile number of the parent
  9. DOB of the student
  10. Enter the amount.
  11. Click on “Proceed to Pay”

This is how you can easily pay your school and college fees online on Payrup.

Things to take care of while paying school & college fees online:

  • Firstly, enter the details carefully. A small mistake can cost you much.
  • Never use a public wifi or an unsecure internet connection while making financial transactions.
  • Make payments on date so as to avoid late fees or fines.
  • Never share your OTPs with anyone. Banks or payrup employees will not call and ask your OTP.

Concluding Thoughts:

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Payrup and other online Payment platforms have made life a lot easier than before. If used responsibly, online payment platforms are easy and comfortable to use. Payrup is an m-tech platform that provides multiple online payment services like:

Prepaid Mobile Recharge

Postpaid Mobile Recharge

Landline Bill Payment

Broadband Bill Payment

DTH Recharge

Insurance Premium Payment

Water Bill Payment

Municipal Taxes Payment

And several other services which had to be done in the office before.


  • How do I Pay my college fees online?

There are many online payment platforms that facilitate the payment of your school and college fees online. Payrup is one such payment platform that provides this service. In Payrup, the following procedure is followed:

Go to

Click on More, then click on Education Fees

This opens up

Select State

Select Institute name

After this in the pop-up enter the following information

Enter student's unique id

Mobile number of the parent

DOB of the student


Click on “Proceed to Pay”

  • Does Payrup offer school payments in Andhra Pradesh?

Payrup offers school fees payment facility in Andhra Pradesh. We are linked to all major institutions in the state.

Final Thoughts…

Popular bill payment facilities are available on Payrup!

Payrup has a host of facilities that can all be paid online using our platform.

Choose to make payments for mobile prepaidmobile postpaiddthelectricitylandline bills, piped gas, broadband bills, water bills, e-gift cards purchases, cable tv bills, credit card billshealth insurance purchase, housing society payments, life insurance premium purchases, loan repayments, hospital payments, subscriptions, education feesfastag paymentsLPG gas bills, municipal services and municipal taxes’ payments Payrup has it all covered for our users under one roof.


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