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Posted onJan 27, 2022

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As we all know, we are in the path of another revolution, only this time the revolution is happening in the digital world and this was forced by the spreading of COVID-19. People are looking for more platforms to help them reduce labour, let the work done from the comfort of their homes and to reduce human contact so as to avoid COVID. Many online platforms like Payrup have found solutions to problems like electricity bill payment, gas bill payment, tv and mobile recharges etc. They have made it possible to do these bill payments and recharges online. In this article we are dealing with the bill payment of CUGL Services online using Payrup.

What is CUGL & What Service Does It Provide?

CUGL provides CNG & PNG services. CUGL (Central U.P. Gas Limited) was incorporated on 25th February 2005. It is a joint venture between GAIL (India) Limited & Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. CUGL operates in Kanpur, Bareilly & Jhansi. CUGL provides the following services:

  • Domestic PNG (Piped Natural Gas)
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

How To Pay CUGL Bill Online Using Payrup?

It is easy to make CUGL Bill Payment Online using Payrup. All you have to do is:

login to

Click on Piped Gas.

In the page that loads, select your service provider as Central U.P. Gas Limited.

Fill up your Customer Code/ CRN Number. The details will be auto fetched.

You can click on “Proceed to Pay” to make the payment and complete paying your CUGL Bill Online.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PNG Connections.

  1. (Liquefied petroleum gas) LPG or PNG (Piped Natural Gas), which is better for use as a domestic fuel?

Piped Natural Gas or PNG is safer than Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG as it is lightweight and on leakage it easily dissipates in air. PNG eliminates the need for refilling, booking, delivery, storage space etc. Natural gas is a non-polluting petro fuel which is economic, safe and user friendly.

  1. What is the use for PNG in a domestic household?

Domestic Piped Natural Gas or PNG, service provided by Central U.P. Gas Limited has the following uses in a domestic household:

  • Cooking
  • Power Generation
  • Space Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  1. Which are the areas where CUGL supplies PNG in Kanpur?

Central U.P. Gas Limited or CUGL supplies PNG in the domestic, Industrial, Commercial & Automobile sectors in Kanpur. CUGL supplies Natural Gas in Kanpur and Bareilly.

  1. How to apply for Domestic PNG supply?

Those who want to apply for a domestic PNG connection at CUGL have to fill in an application form. A fee of Rs. 6000/- per connection is to be paid. It includes:

Rs. 5000/- per domestic connection towards the equipment.

Rs. 1000/- per domestic connection towards the gas security. The following documents are required to be submitted along with the form:

  1. Self Attested Address Proof (This can be any of the following documents: Aadhar, electricity bill/ phone bill/driving license/ration card/passport).
  2. Self Attested Identity Proof (This can be any of the following documents: Aadhar, PAN card/ voter ID/driving license/service card/passport).

Customers are required to pay a nonrefundable fixed monthly fee of Rs.40/- which is exclusive of GST. This will be added in addition to the gas consumption charges.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Payment of CUGL Bill:

  1. Is it possible to do CUGL Bill Payment Online Using Payrup?

Yes, CUGL Bill Payment can be made online using multi-module m-commerce platforms like Payrup. They make life easier since the payments are made online.

  1. Is it safe to do CUGL Bill Payment Online?

Payrup always keeps in mind the safety & confidentiality of customers. So, “yes”, it is safe to do CUGL Bill Payment Online using Payrup.

  1. Does Payrup provide any offers on CUGL Bill Payment Online?

Payrup provides cashbacks as well as coupon offers for CUGL Bill Payment made Online through Payrup. The offers and discounts differ and are based on the time at which the recharge or bill payment is made.

Final Thoughts…

Popular bill payment facilities are available on Payrup!

Payrup has a host of facilities that can all be paid online using our platform.

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