How To Make Bescom Bill Payment Online With Payrup

Posted onJan 12, 2022

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Electricity Bills

Paying your BESCOM electricity bill often becomes pretty long and complicated as well. And the hardest part is you'll have to visit your local electricity board to proceed with the payment. But not anymore!

BESCOM is a Bangalore based electric supply company and for anyone living in the city, their electric supply is delivered by BESCOM only. Therefore, we know how important it is and it would be so much more reliable if the payment procedure becomes more convenient. And that's where online platforms such as Payrup step in. You can very easily make your bescom bill payment online, using Payrup with just a few steps. Plus, you can get the chance to win some pretty amazing rewards like cashback points, reward points, cashback and many more.

This brings us to the main content of this article, which is How to Make Bescom Bill Payment Online With Payrup? So, let's get started!

How to Make Bescom Bill Payment Online With Payrup?

In order to make your bescom bill payment online using Payrup, you need to follow the steps given below. These are:

Visit Payrup: The first and foremost step is to visit the official website of Payrup from your preferred smart device and sign up with your details.

Recharge & Pay Bills section: After signing in, navigate to the "Recharge & Pay Bills" section on Payrup and open the "Electricity bill" section.

Select board: Now, select the state "Karnataka" from the multiple states options and then select "Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd" as your electricity board.

Enter customer details: The next step is filling in the customer's details such as customer ID or Account ID. Then, locate your customer ID on the bescom bill.

Check the electricity bill: Now, people often wonder how to check the electricity bill amount before making the payment. For this, just proceed with the previous steps and check the bill amount.

Mode of payment: Select your preferred mode of payment such as debit card, credit card, UPI, or Net banking or you can just simply pay from your Payrup wallet.

Complete transaction: Check the details and then, proceed with the bescom bill payment to complete the transactions. And this way, your bescom bill payment is done, using Payrup.

Why choose Payrup for bescom online bill payment?

Payrup is a very secure and user-friendly platform that enables a very smooth and safe transaction. And for paying your bescom bill payment online, Payrup act as the perfect online platform for you as it delivers tons of beneficiary services and offers to the users based on the transaction. Among these, the most amazing one is winning cashback points, reward points, cashback and many more. Also, it sets a reminder for you to remind you every time to pay your bescom bill payment before the due date so that you don't have to worry about any consequences.

And with its quick services, Payrup provides a very flexible payment method to the customers.

Moreover, the customers do not have to remember their details and enter them every time as Payrup saves such information to provide you with smooth proceedings. Their services are available 24×7 so, the user can anytime and anywhere make the bescom bill payment online using Payrup. Also, you can easily download the bill invoice after the payment is received.


To conclude, online platforms such as Payrup have made our lives smooth especially for managing finances. And where bescom bill payment used to be such a hectic job, now you can make the payment from anywhere and anytime. Just log in to your Payrup account and follow the procedure mentioned above to make your bescom online bill payment successful. Plus, you can get the chance to win some pretty amazing rewards like cashbacks, cashback points and many more. All these work on making your experience with Payrup more delightful.

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