How Online Payment Makes Your Life Easier And Secure

Posted onNov 10, 2021

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Did you know, that the very first eCommerce transaction was done in the year 1994. Since then, eCommerce has grown rapidly, creating a lot of focus on the importance of real time payments impacting the way we shop today and leading to the formation of a whole new industry of eCommerce businesses and support services we have at our fingertips.

Further to this, real-time payments and implications of the covid 19 pandemic has pushed us to get into digital payment formats even more. Today, we are staring at a world where people are adjusting all their routine payment operations. These real time payments, we can undoubtedly say, welcome to the future of real-time payments.

As the rise of the internet popularized in the modern times, online shopping and other types of ecommerce services such as electronic payments have evolved from a technological novelty to one of the leading payment options currently available with real time payments around the world already in full boom. Real time bank transfer is definitely making life easier for the communities and there is no delay in any confirmations. There are a lot of benefits of real time payments, and the technology required to support the huge volume of electronic payments that take place every minute forms a diverse payments infrastructure of cloud, legacy, and hybrid systems. Guessing how it all started to popularize? Well, these payment systems have both influenced and been influenced by the evolution of bank debit card and credit card processing, resulting in the modern payments industry and payments systems we all know today.

eCommerce real time payments’ processing is a modern necessity today

People always wish for fast, user-friendly and easy ways of doing everything, from business communications to online shopping. It is the need of the hour for modern businesses to think about modern payment methods and understanding real-time payments. When you provide consumers with the possibility of buying something with a touch of a button, your business tremendously benefits in terms of both income and business process efficiency.

So, here’s where the idea of the online payments processing industry comes in handy to an end consumer. It doesn’t matter where you work or where you are from, all you have to understand is the how-to’s of contactless payment processing and online payment software if you care about yourself.

Food for thoughts!

As per research, according to the American Express Digital Payments survey, 71% of businesses agree that their annual online and mobile sales are increasing, and other reports suggest that consumers spend 12% to 18% more when using credit cards than when using physical cash.

Technically speaking, Transaction Value in the digital commerce segment is growly year-on-year, where you would see new heights every year.

What does the future hold for the evolution of electronic payment systems?

Digital payments across continue to increase in terms of volumes and popularity. They are rewarding forward-thinking organizations for meeting the demands of technologically-advanced customers and pushing the public to modernize in order to remain competitive. More instances of further evolution of electronic payment systems for users may include the digital transformation of point-of-sale systems and omnichannel acceptance for payment processors. Today, this industry inventiveness improves the ease and efficiency of accepting and processing transactions and do allow for the collection of useful business data - which can lead to greater profits for merchants providing services and higher rates of adoption for payment service providers.


With the launch of digital platforms like Payrup in India, making real-time a reality in life easy is making a great example of what a real-time payments platform looks like and we will see more and more increase in the number of digital transactions for all conveniences of payments day by day.

Allow yourself a life full of Simplicity. Because Payrup wishes to inspire the world through banking, a smart way of handling routine home affairs.

Money is the engine that powers the entire economy of the world. With the ever-changing business scenarios, it is only natural and an ideal situation for monetary transaction systems to evolve further for the end-user benefits and present payments that tend to or benefit real time payments ideas.


Final Thoughts…

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