Do You Know It Is Very Simple How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid Online

Posted onDec 20, 2021

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Can a user convert from postpaid to prepaid? Can a postpaid connection be changed to prepaid? How to convert postpaid to prepaid? Well, many of us know it is possible and the facility is available with our respective operators but how to port postpaid to prepaid is and the procedure behind the process is what we actually do not know.

Firstly, we would justify that postpaid and prepaid connections have their own benefits and it is upon the user to choose what they are convenient with and what they want, but yes there are differences between postpaid and prepaid connections and the way they work out for customers. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), conversion from a postpaid connection to prepaid (and even vice-versa) is absolutely free. Users do not have to change their existing mobile number for this process.

A customer can change their postpaid number to prepaid by visiting your nearest store and getting it sorted within a few quick steps. 

Here is a list of benefits that prepaid connections carry with themselves:

  • Definitely less costly than a postpaid connection
  • An effortless online recharge via apps/recharge shops 24*7
  • No surprises with bills (like the postpaid bill payment) and no monthly bill hassle too
  • Easy Recharge via Apps and Shops
  • Switching between various plans and packs is easy

Let us guide you through how a mobile number can be switched from a postpaid to a prepaid.

  • Visit your nearest operator store
  • You will be provided with a ‘Postpaid to Prepaid migration form’ where you enter your necessary details
  • Now, once you clear your out-standing bills with the current postpaid operator you can proceed to switch
  • After submitting the form and clearing off the dues, you will be provided with a new prepaid sim
  • An OTP verification happens for safety reasons (with some operators)
  • Your new prepaid sim will be activated after the verification is completed
  • After the activation, you can recharge your new prepaid sim and begin using it

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