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Posted onDec 7, 2021

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Water Bill

Technology has made things easier for us today. The most needed necessity of a home, water and now the monthly water bills can be paid online.

Payrup’s user-friendly platform ensures that even those who are not comfortable using mobiles/systems can navigate it with ease and make payments on the platform.

Making the water bill payments online is no longer a chore as with a few taps on your smart device, your bills can be cleared routinely. Payrup wishes to reiterate that sensitive information such as user details, and bank account related details must be secured precisely which is why multiple privacy measures are in place to protect this information when you pay your water bill payment or even any other utility payment online at our platform.

It offers multiple ways by which one can pay their water bills online - credit cards, debit cards, online banking methods, MyRupee wallet and other third party wallets can be used for this purpose. With Payrup, making your water bill payment online is just as simple as an online mobile recharge is – gets over in just a few clicks on the platform.

Feel the freedom of not visiting your Municipal office for the payments anymore to wait in line and pay bills for which you had to carry cash in hand. The amount of time and effort needed to complete a simple task like a physical bill payment is enough to complete all such payments. That’s the simplicity and convenience of Payrup – your one-stop shop online payment.

So what are the steps to complete a water bill payment on Payrup. Let’s show you -

  1. You need to click on the water icon on the Payrup platform.
  2. From there you will be redirected to the water service page
  3. Then you will have to enter your water provider and the subsequent details which will, in turn, fetch your bill
  4. Once your bill is fetched, you can click on ‘Proceed to Pay for the payments of your broadband payment
  5. At this point, make sure to choose your preferred payment option from internet banking, credit or debit card options, MyRupee wallet or other wallets.
  6. Select the most appropriate discount coupon applicable, fill it in the field and complete the payment.
  7. Your connection’s online water bill payment is completed in a minute and your cashback is going to be credited in your wallet.

While you do the water bill payments on Payrup, you shall find numerous Payrup water bill offers and discount codes at the time of check out, be it as a coupon code or even payment related offers along with assured MyRupee cashback facilities. Wait no more, start to pay your water bill online and save more as you pay.

Final Thoughts…

Popular bill payment facilities available on Payrup!

Payrup has a host of facilities that can all be paid online using our platform.

Choose to make payments for mobile prepaid, mobile postpaid, dth, electricity, landline bills, piped gas, broadband bills, water bills, e-gift cards purchases, cable tv bills, credit card bills, health insurance purchase, housing society payments, life insurance premium purchases, loan repayments, hospital payments, subscriptions, education fees, fastag payments, LPG gas bills, municipal services and municipal taxes’ payments Payrup has it all covered for our users under one roof.

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