Technology Introduces Online Insurance Premium Payments

Posted onDec 9, 2021

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Online Insurance

Health insurance is a financial investment which enables individuals and families to safeguard their health from any disease and sudden ailments.

Gone are the times when you needed an agent to take a policy or renew it, it has become all digital now. Nowadays, you can get complete assistance online regarding policy details, premium payment, tenure of the policy, and any other fine details one needs. Now we all know that getting online health insurance is something the younger generation can easily do, but what about a generation above them?  Can they too get onto the trend? We say, certainly YES!

With a few easy clicks, you can make or renew your health insurance policy thus gaining a lot of benefits altogether such as pre and post hospitalisation cover, annual check-ups, no claim bonuses, etc.

There are a few simple and easy steps that one can follow to perform in order to buy health insurance policies online, which are listed below:

  • On the Payrup website, go to the ‘Health Insurance’ page
  • Select your desired health insurance company
  • Enter your unique policy number, and other specific details such as date of birth, and other necessary details as required (depending on the insurer)
  • Enter the amount and go ahead for finishing the payments
  • Click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ to head to the payment section
  • A user can choose to pay from their preferred payment mode such as debit card, credit card, internet banking, MyRupee wallet, wallets, etc.
  • Complete your payment and your bill is paid
  • Find all your transaction details in the ‘My Transactions’ section in your account

Make on-time health insurance premium payments to ensure that your insurance policy remains active and you get the maximum benefits when there is a requirement for it. Choose Payrup to pay for your health insurance premiums instantly and avail great additional benefits such as cashbacks, discounts, etc.

Final Thoughts… 

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